Dedicated Warehousing

With our dedicated warehousing solutions, your facility size, layout and systems are driven by your unique needs. No matter where your logistics need is, our nationwide presence gives us extensive experience in various labor markets and available resources for seamless start ups.

Non-Dedicated Warehousing

Kenco Logistic Services has a nationwide network of multi-client warehouses where we share labor, space, equipment, and technology across several short-term and long-term customers. These distribution centers are strategically located in heavily populated regions so that your product can reach its destination quickly and efficiently.

Short-Term Warehousing

Kenco Logistic Services began as a public warehouse company in 1950. Our public warehouses are multi-client environments where you only pay for the space and services you use.  Customers use our short-term warehouses to store overflow products, ramp up inventory for seasonal spikes, enter new markets with little capital investment and quickly set up a nationwide supply chain network.  We also provide services to oversee or conduct short-term kitting projects.

Value Added Services

At Kenco Logistic Services, our goal is to help clients manage supply chain distribution and warehousing in the most efficient and convenient way possible.  We offer a wide array of value-added services that go far beyond the receiving and storage of freight, giving customers the opportunity to merge several activities under one roof.  Our value-added services reduce costs and travel time through a more effective and efficient use of resources, like labor. 

Asset Recovery Management

Kenco Logistic Services helps its customers maximize the value of unused or end-of-life assets through effective reuse or divestment. Both large and small organizations practice asset recovery at some level with the end goal of obtaining the greatest possible return from the asset. We perform forward and reverse logistics activities for many of our customers.  Performing these services in the same building can help customers be more productive with their warehousing space and increase return on investment.


Sequencing is becoming an integral part of today’s manufacturing world.  In this type of operation accuracy is more than important, it’s vital.  Kenco Logistic Services can deliver parts to manufacturing operations just in time, and in proper build sequence, as requested by our customer.  Sequencing can maximize manufacturing floor space, reduce inventory levels, increase productivity and provide flexibility.  We also utilize kaban systems at some of our operations. 

Network Design & Optimization

Kenco provides Network Optimization Services to determine if a customer’s current distribution network is optimal based on cost and service requirements.  We will work with your team to analyze the following components to develop a network design recommendation.  Areas of review will include:

  • Current State Operations
  • Alternative Business Models
  • Labor management
  • Future Business Growth (shipping)
  • Future Inventory Requirements (based on SKU rationalization

The expected results of the analysis will be a detailed design of multiple network scenarios including their total costs (facilities, operational costs, inventory and transportation) as well as an overall recommendation to pursue. 

Information Technology

Kenco has a wide array of information technology solutions to meet your supply chain needs. We offer a combination of several powerful tools that can help you manage your information, workforce, space, and time. We have experienced IT project managers on staff to guide you through the implementation for any of our solutions. We offer our proprietary WMS package, Warehouse Efficiency System (WES™), as well as many other WMS systems, such as SAP, Manhattan, and Red Prairie.


Kenco utilizes over 50 Logistic Engineers for internal and external customer projects, primarily in the areas of costing/pricing, facility layout, new facility transitions, continuous improvements, and other specific requests.  We can analyze various business functions and make improvement recommendations.

Human Resources

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by investing in our people.  We partner with the Kenco family of companies to provide support to operations, and understand that the caliber of associates hired and their overall satisfaction with our company directly impacts quality, productivity and positive outcomes. We hire and retain associates through best practice recruiting, offering competitive compensation and benefits, providing training/professional development options, employee relations support as needed and delivering communication that’s relevant.

Cross Docking

In order to assist companies in reducing warehouse costs, increase the rate at which orders are filled, and to shorten delivery lead times, Kenco provides cross docking services. This service allows us to break down the received items at the loading dock and match them with final destination orders.  Cross docking eliminates the costs associated with traditional warehousing. Kenco has several customers utilizing regional distribution centers (RDC) and cross docking is an important element in making the RDCs successful. An additional part of the solution consists of having a system that provides visibility to both factory production and inbound freight.  Receipts, transfers, shipments, and changes in the status are tracked systemically.


Kitting is another service offered by Kenco Logistics Services.  We assemble point of sale displays, product promotions, sample packs and other promotional packages for our customers.


Since it is not always practical to warehouse items in their useable state, postponement is a valuable service in the logistics industry. Kenco Logistic Services provides build-to-order services where final assembly of the finished good is performed to customer specifications just prior to shipping.